Italian food

Italian food

Italian cuisine is one of the most searched and one of the tastiest in the world. In italian cuisine we find the most varied types of menu, with many vegetables, pastas and meats. This is an irresistible cuisine!

The Italian history has developed along with cooking history. The Italians invented coffee with milk, pizza and ice cream and they also stood out as they transformed the pastas into delicious and famous menu.

Italy is also remembered for the quality of wines since the time when the Roman Empire dominated the region. Historically between the XIV and XVI centuries the cuisine was refined especially in the cities of Venice and Florence. After that risotto, pasta, antipasti began to be most appreciated in the taste in the world.


The Italian cuisine is very rich and they ingredients are varied as we have said before. The wheat is a very versatile ingredient and serves as the basis for pasta, pizzas and breads. We also see the rice between them, one the most famous is the arboreal, carnaroli and vialone that are highly used in this cuisine.

You’ll also find varied menu with meats and the favorites are the pork, cow, sheep and goat plus duck and chicken.

If your are a person who loves a good Italian food, we selected some of the best restaurants in Orlando for you to go and enjoy this cuisine!

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